• Clio
    Senior Software Developer
    December 2019 – Present
    Worked as a technical lead on Clio's platform team.


    • Built Clio's first App Marketplace with integrated authentication and billing.
    • As part of the App Ecosystem team helped support and grow a community of third-party developer, by maintaining and improving Clio's public API.
    • Creating documentation and development guides for the API, and presented work at Clio's first ever Developer event.
  • Denim & Steel Interactive
    Digital Project Manager
    March 2018 – Present
    Managed multiple projects: onboarding clients, requirement gathering, planning, Finished the year-long Louder Than Ten Apprenticeship program on digital project management. This program broadened my view of software development beyond code and milestones, and taught me the importance of thinking and acting across different disciplines to guarantee the health of the project and the people involved.
  • Denim & Steel Interactive
    Software Engineer
    February 2013 – Present
    Worked on 30+ successfully launched projects. Native iOS mobile apps, cross platform mobile development, design and development of API and backend services, and web applications using modern javascript frameworks. Actively involved in end-to-end software development cycle, from understanding the requirements all the way to post-launch maintenance and change management.


    • API Design: Worked on a handful of projects where an API service needed to be designed and implemented from scratch. This involved the choice of platform (Ruby on Rails or Express JS), data modeling and implementation. In Quini, a wine tasting application, the API also generated recommendations based on the person's tasting profile. In Porter, the API integrated with Particle Cloud API and AWS IoT and would allow users to interact seamlessly with all their devices via one interface.
    • Front-end Development Shipped multiple websites, web applications, and cross platform mobile applications using modern javascript frameworks (React JS + Redux and Ember JS)
    • 2D Graphics: Worked on creating graphical interfaces on the web (Canvas) and iOS (Core Graphics).
  • Wundr Publishing
    Software Engineer
    March 2012 – February 2013
    Worked on design and development of an e-book authoring application for MacOS. The app allowed authors to choose from various design templates, manage their assets, edit their content in a WYSIWIG environment, and publish their final work in EPUB format.
  • SAP Business Objects
    Software Engineer (Co-op)
    September 2010 – August 2011
    • Worked on Miso, a web application/service implemented in JRuby with JQuery front-end, targeted at creating a better search experience on enterprise data.
    • Designed and implemented fully automated test scripts in Apache JMeter for the SAP Business Intelligence On-Demand web application. Set up a daily build and report system using Hudson.


  • Programming Java, Ruby, C++
  • Front End React JS, Ember JS
  • Back End Ruby on Rails, Node JS
  • API Design Rate limiting, Pagination, Versioning
  • Architecture OAuth2, OIDC, Kafka
  • Databases Data Modeling, MySQL, MongoDB
  • Mobile Objective C, Cordova
  • PM Certified Digital Project Lead
  • CMS Craft, Wordpress

Honors and Awards

  • Ranked 3rd in Canada and 44th worldwide among 1515 teams in the IEEEXtreme 2011 programming competition.
  • University of Victoria $10,000 Fellowship Award for Graduate Program in Computer Science Department, Victoria, Canada, 2008.
  • Ranked 179th among 400,000 Participants of the Iran’s Nationwide University Entrance Exam for Engineering and Applied Mathematics, Summer 2004.